Enabling you to concentrate your impact. Because nobody likes a watered down life. 

Working with purpose-led peeps to enact change with clarity, confidence and candor.

It starts with an inkling - however fuzzy - of the thing we can impact, the change we want to make or the contribution that is ours to give. Inklings arrive with built in aspiration and possibility. They also come packaged with buckeloads of confusion, fear and doubt. (Aargh!)

Enacting change isn't about the inkling itself - it's about YOUR UNIQUE PROCESS of action.
To understand that - you have to identify how you measure the world, make decisions and set boundaries. Add to that clarity on your strengths, styles, methods and resources and suddenly you have access to confidence, energy and agility - everything it takes to enact change.

Distil Change Pathway

Disrupt what's not working, get clarity on what will and create momentum toward the change you want.


The Distil Change Pathway is a structured mix of coaching, mentoring and training designed to gear you up to navigate or create your change.

It has 3 phases: DECODE how you operate, DEVOTE your resources and attention and
DRIVE your change through action & interaction.



- Want (or need) something to change

- Feel ready to move from learning to leading

- Are frustrated in current career or projects

- Need to navigate a transition (parental, job, etc)

- Fancy being assertive & authentic in interactions


Work with me for 3, 6 or 12 months for accountability and momentum toward your goals. 

"I'd have continued to 'get by'..."

"I gained clarity and knew exactly where I was and where I wanted to be. I was able to not only articulate that to my team, but demonstrate my ideas so people could see the potential. Now my role has grown, we’re recruiting team members, the blueprint I've developed is in demand with other sector teams and we’ve begun selling aspects of our internal support to clients, generating fees in addition to raising our profile in the market as sector specialists.

Coaching support made it much easier to be focused, realise I could change the way I was working and to prioritise and eventually capitalise on opportunities. Without Heather’s help, I think I’d have continued to ‘get by’ on a day to day basis, which ultimately would have left me frustrated and unfulfilled in my work.”​​​​​​​

Tracey, Research Manager, Corporate Finance​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"If you want to be happier, more productive, more insightful, better prepared to face a challenge or adversity, and if you really want to change and are willing to take some risks and be vulnerable at times, coaching is a good way to go."

Bill, Author and Scholar

DECODE Workshops

All change begins with awareness.
Dip your toe in the water through workshops to help you decode 'YOU'.


DECODE is the first stage of my change pathway for a good reason. What matters is HOW you make a decision, not what the decision is. We'll help you answer "How will I know when I know?" and then you can make any decision.


Here's what we DECODE:

- Intuition - How do you know when you know?

- Your Ingredients - What's really important?

- Time - Therapy for you and your frenemy

- Boundaries - Who's guarding the gates?

- Confidence - What's in your confidence cake?

- Persistent Thread - What's your big theme?


These are delivered online and in person. If you're interested, email me and let me know what topic you're intrigued by and I'll keep you posted!

"I was able to see tangible results..."

“Working with Heather has been an incredibly positive and empowering experience. Coaching helped me to unpack the issues that were holding me back from achieving my goals and helped me to gain more confidence in my ability to achieve them. I found the action-oriented process of coaching to be very encouraging, because I was able to see tangible results and improvements at every step along the way.”

Katie, Project Manager, International NGO

"Heather has an amazing skill to help you focus on your priorities and tackle what has been blocking your path, quite often without you realising! Through working with her I was able to challenge my thoughts, focus on what I wanted, and learn skills to challenge the status quo, making me feel more fulfilled. Whilst life may be a rollercoaster I now have a hand on the steering wheel.” ​​​​​​​

David, Programme Manager, Public Sector


Boost Your Change

Super-charge your ability to change with skills development & intuitive insight.


Book a one-off session or integrate with coaching.



1:1 and group training to support development in management, personal effectiveness, confidence and communication. Have an interview, presentation or or a 'tricky interaction' coming up? Set up a few tailored sessions and we'll prepare you to rock it.



If you're seeking deeper insight or spiritual connection (Hi fellow hippies!), I offer intuitive channeling which I've been doing for 14+ years. 
I draw on spirit guides and angel energy to offer insight on your core questions. I find this most useful to aid you in developing your own intuition and spiritual connection. 

"...someone who could help me gain clarity."

"I came to Heather after trying 3 different psychologists/psychotherapists to help me get past quite a difficult period of unemployment. Through working with Heather, what I realised is that I personally didn't need therapy - I needed someone who could help me gain clarity about all the great ideas and plans that were already in my head. That's what I got!"

Nick, Philanthropist and Non-profit fundraiser

“We engaged Distil Coaching to design a half day offsite for my team. It was very much a blank sheet of canvas and we gave Heather scope to be creative. I was really impressed with the ideas that she generated and the energy which she brought to the execution. I got a lot more out of the exercise than I had originally hoped for and as a team we had fun in the process. I look forward to working with Heather again.” ​​​​​​​

Paul, CFO, Tetragon Financial Group​​​​​​​

Let's chat change

Do you have (or want!) an inkling and are ready to make it happen? 
Get in touch and we can explore the best way of ensuring you're geared up for go time.


Use the form below, email heather[at]distilcoaching.com or ring +44 (0)7504775917.

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